Club Policies


All parents and players who are financial are deemed to be members of the club. Parents and players who have attained their 18th birthday are entitled to vote at any general meeting (not including management committee meetings).
Members who have voting rights are entitled to request and receive copies of the minutes of any general or management committee meetings.


The club is managed by a committee elected annually by the membership and exercises its powers through the Associations In corporations Act 1981. This Act determines the means by which the committee must ensure sound corporate governance in its control of financial and administrative matters. The basis for sound corporate governance can be found in the club’s constitution, a copy of which can be supplied on request.

Child safety

The club conforms with all requirements for the treatment and safety of children determined by the Commissioner for Children. Please read the Codes of Conduct and Risk Management statements elsewhere on the website. All coaches and managers of teams must hold a current blue card issued by the Commissioner for Children.

Registration fees

All fees must be paid at the time of registration. Registrations that are not accompanied by the appropriate fee will not be accepted.    In hardship cases the registrant should visit the club’s offices to make arrangements for payment. No player may play with the club until the appropriate age based registration fee has been paid.

Volunteer coaches will receive a discount on fees paid for their child but must first pay the relevant fee in full. The discounted amount will be immediately refunded.

Parents registering more than one child will receive a discount for second and subsequent children but must first pay the appropriate fees in full. The relevant discount will be immediately refunded.


Parents and players undertake to conform with the club’s codes of conduct. Breaches of these rules are dealt with by the club’s Disciplinary Sub-Committee and the rights of members found in breach of the club’s codes of conduct are set out in the club’s constitution.

Coaches and Managers

As a coach or manager at Runaway Bay we require you to read and act in a manner that best befits the code of conduct below.

As a coach/manager and leader for Runaway Bay Soccer Club I will:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person, regardless of their abilities, gender, religion or cultural background
  • Support all efforts to remove any form of abuse in this organisation and encourage a safe and supportive service environment
  • Ensure that any physical contact with others is appropriate to the situation and necessary for the person’s skill development
  • Refrain from developing close personal relationships with the players outside of the coach/player relationship
  • Refrain from using abusive, derogatory or offensive language
  • Impart knowledge and skills of the game in a respectful and encouraging manner
  • Respect the decisions of the staff/officials and encourage players to do the same
  • Always consider the health, safety and welfare of the players
  • Not show favouritism toward talented players
  • Not be a “winner at all costs coach” remembering that junior players participate for pleasure and friendship, and winning is only part of the fun

(Sourced from the Runaway Bay Soccer Club Code of Conduct)