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Fields are OPEN!


Field are OPEN for training.

Last updated Sun 23rd May.

We need coaches!
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Home games  
Thu 21st May
Team 1 vs Team 2 Start Field details
U12 JPL vs Coomera 6:00 pm Field 1  
Fri 22nd May
U16 JPL vs Coomera 6:15 pm Field 1  
U18 League  vs Merriamc Gold 6:15 pm Field 2
Sat 23rd May
U10 Blue   Vs   U10 Red 8:30 Field 3
U12 Div 3   Vs   Tugun 8:30 Field 1
U8 White   Vs   Pacific Pines Blue 8:30 Field 4
U8 Green   Vs   Ormeau Green 9:20 Field 4
U11 Green   Vs   Mudgeeraba White 9:30 Field 3
U12 Div 2   Vs   Palm Beach 9:50 Field 1
U13 Div 3   Vs   Merrimac 9:50 Field 2
U8 Orange   Vs   Canungra Gold 10:10 Field 4
U8 Blue   Vs   Canungra Green 11:00 Field 4
U14 Div 2   Vs   Pacific Pines 11:10 Field 2
U9 Red   Vs   Ormeau Green 11:50 Field 4
U8 Red   Vs   Ormeau White 12:40 Field 4
U12 Div 1   Vs   Tweed United 12:45 Field 1
U14 Div 1   Vs   Robina City 12:45 Field 2
U9 Blue   Vs   Coomera Red 1:30 Field 4
Mens BLK 2 Vs Robina City 3:00 pm Field 1
Sun 24th May
U10 Green   Vs   Ormeau Blue 8:30 Field 3
U14 Div 2   Vs   Coomera 8:30 Field 2
U8 White   Vs   Musgrave Blue 8:30 Field 4
U8 Yellow   Vs   Pacific Pines Green 9:20 Field 4
U11 Blue   Vs   Pacific Pines Blue 10:30 Field 3
U8 Orange   Vs   Coomera Pink 11:00 Field 4
U10 Red   Vs   Coomera Maroon 11:30 Field 3
U8 Green   Vs   Pacific Pines Blue 11:50 Field 4
U9 Red   Vs   Pacific Pines Red 12:40 pm Field 4
U9 Blue   Vs   Magic United Red 1:30 pm Field 4
U12 Div 1   Vs   BYE BYE BYE
U13 Div 1   Vs   BYE BYE BYE

Away Games    
Fri 22nd May
Team 1 vs Team 2 Start Field details
U15 JPL vs
GC Knights Red
8:15 pm Croatian Sports 1
Sat 23rd May
 U13 Div 1   Vs   Coomera White 8:30 Viney Park 1
U11 Blue   Vs   Coomera Green 8:30 Viney Park 10
U9 Green   Vs   Ormeau Blue 9:20 Norfolk Park 4
U10 Green   Vs   Magic United TFA Green 9:30 Magic United 1B
U11 Red   Vs   Palm Beach White 10:30 Mallawa 9
U8 Yellow   Vs   Magic United TFA Green 10:50 Magic United 2D
U9 Yellow   Vs   Pacific Pines Blue 12:40 pm Brockman Way 2A
Sun 24th May
U10 Blue   Vs   Surfers Paradise Red 8:30 Lex Bell Oval 2
U12 Div 3   Vs   Ormeau Blue 8:30 Norfolk Park 2
U8 Blue   Vs   Southport Red 9:20 Ashmore Village 2B
U9 Yellow   Vs   Beechmont Red 9:20 Graceleigh Park 2
U12 Div 2   Vs   Kingscliff 9:50 Walter Peate 2
U13 Div 3   Vs   Coomera 9:50 Viney Park 2
U12 JPL   Vs   Kingscliff 11:10 Walter Peate 2
U8 Red   Vs   Ormeau Red 11:50 Norfolk Park 4
U14 Div 1   Vs   Pacific Pines 11:50 Brockman Way 2





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Paul Jarman
Manager in charge of football operations
Call: 0406 423 424
email jarmo@live.com.au

Jack Sarkis
Canteen and functions manager –
Call: 0414 151 038

Keith Hardisty
Office Manager
Call: 55293334 from 3pm til 7 pm (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri),
email keith@runawaybaysoccerclub.com.au

Training Schedule

Training Schedule